Janitorial Cleaning & Day porting


Our team is trained and motivated to deliver a clean, beautiful space for your tenants or employees.   Our Day Porters friendly, efficient, and dressed professionally.  They represent your building and our company! 

Carpet Cleaning


We have trained, ISSA certified flooring techs that can maintain or restore your carpets.  We use the latest products and machines and it shows in our results.  We have a truck mounted machine for hot water extraction, portable carpet extractors, and also employ encapuslation cleaning.

Strip and wAx


Stripping and Waxing your floors can rejuvenate their appearance and bring back that wow factor.  Nothing compares to bringing back that glossy shine to a dirty, dull, and faded waxed floor

Tile and Grout


Keep your tile and grout looking as good as the day it was installed.  We use special brushes to clean the grout and blast away dirt and mildew with high pressure hot water jets.

Stone Polishing


Stone floors look amazing and we can keep them looking that way!

Power Washing


Keep you walkways looking clean.  Power washing removes gum, mildew, staining, and more.

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